Your Free Retirement Readiness Assessment

We are retirement planning professionals and we find that we have the greatest impact on those with:

Age 50+

Retirement investors over age 50 who have already entered retirement or are 5-10 years out from the "worlds longest coffee break."


In order to best accommodate planning for each pillar in our Retirement Blueprint Process, we find we have the most impact with those that have accumulated investments of $500,000 or more.


People who are ready to take financial action and invest in themselves because they know the importance of Retirement Readiness

Schedule Your Complementary Retirement Readiness Assessment

At Acacia Financial Group, we pride ourselves in always putting the client’s best interest first. As a fiduciary to our client, we strive to construct a plan for their retirement with the highest probability of success. The first year of engagement typically consists of 5 face-to-face, virtual, or phone meetings.

Step 1 - Schedule a "Right Fit" Call

This 15-30 minute phone call will give us both a chance to find out if we are the right planning firm to help you. We will review the “Acacia Retirement Blueprint Process” of how we manage wealth and discuss how our 6 Key Pillars can help improve your ability to build wealth during your peak earning years and bring more clarity to your financial world.  

Step 2 - "Getting To Know You" Meeting

This meeting is aptly named “Get To Know You Meeting” is usually 60 – 90 minutes, depending on your situation. During this meeting, we will discuss your current plan and goals, identify your risk tolerance, needs and concerns.

Step 3 -  Creating Your Blueprint

After our one-on-one meeting, if we collectively decide if a fit exists, we will begin your Retirement Blueprint and work on building your family’s road map from the ground floor up. This is where we “Build a Strategy” using the “Acacia Retirement Blueprint Process”.  Once we begin, our planning team will help you gather your investment statements, policies, tax returns, budget assessments and start on-boarding you to our goal-based planning portal to start building the future of your own choosing.

Step 4 -  Present Completed Blueprint (pre-implementation)

With your Retirement Blueprint complete, we review your current financial standing, and present our findings, analysis and recommendations..  During this time,we will explain exactly what you need to do to reach your financial goals. We will break down your present and future cash flow, analyze your spending & saving habits, reorganize your financial priorities (if necessary), and run through your plan’s diagnostics before we move to the final stage of implementation.

Step 5 -  Plan Implementation 

This meeting can be done virtually or in person, and is where the team shows you the individual saving strategies, tax planning strategies, individual investment recommendations and protection planning suggestions that we have set into motion for you.  You will create your login for online access and also provided a copy of all files in your digital vault.  

Step 6 -  Progress Reviews and Account Maintenance 

These meeting typically take place one full quarter after implementation, is where we review your accounts with you in person, virtually, or over the phone, and provide insight on account performance.  

We defer to our clients as to how often they want to review their plan. Some choose annual review frequency, but we do have many that want to review quarterly for 15 minutes over the phone. We are more than happy to accommodate what works best for you and your situation. 

Not quite ready to meet yet? That's ok!

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