How will we ever pay for college?

There are a number of scholarships, grants, and loans available to students to help offset the expense of college education. Nevertheless, the projected costs of a solid education are staggering, and not everyone can qualify for scholarships or other types of financial aid. When it comes to preparing for your children's or grandchildren's education you may need our help. We are aware of changing tax rules that affect funding your children's education and we can help determine the best way to approach this need.

Create a Savings Plan

Financial Independence - Life after work planning for
a prosperous retirement and managing income in retirement.

How you plan for life after work depends on your own vision of how you want to spend those years. Many
people never plan to fully retire. Others want to obtain new careers, own a business or move. We help you take your dreams and understand the financial requirements necessary to help you achieve your dreams. We can help you develop a strategy to make sure you have what you need. As you near retirement or that time of change, we will help you anticipate your expenses, identify your sources of income and help you set up a portfolio that can potentially provide ample and steady income while providing for growth of your assets to help you continue your lifestyle indefinitely. We also will review any other financial issues, such as insurance, estate planning and taxes, that may be impacted.  

Risk planning for unforeseen events

Determine your risk profile and investment objectives.

Every investor is an individual, with different needs objectives. Whether your objective is asset preservation, asset growth, current income or reducing taxes, it is critical to discuss them in detail with a knowledgeable investment professional. We will help you determine whether you need investments that produce income, growth or a combination of both. Your investment objectives will also help define your investment time horizon and risk profile.

It is equally important to understand your attitude towards investing. The amount of risk or variability of return you are willing to accept is a major determinant of your portfolio composition. Another critical aspect of your risk profile is your investment time horizon, when you need access to your investments. An investor with a longer time horizon can afford to assume greater short-term risk in exchange for potentially greater long-term returns. Stocks historically have experienced greater short-term volatility, but over the longer term, they have outperformed bonds and other fixed income investments. If you have a longer time horizon, you may want to take advantage of the opportunities provided by investing in stocks. In addition, regardless of the type of assets held in your portfolio, time is on your side. The longer you hold any particular asset class, the less the variation in your return.

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