The College Funding Coach®

For most families, they are torn between saving for college or saving for retirement.

It doesn’t have to be that way! The College Funding Coach® was created in 2002 to help families navigate the maze of paying for college and making the college dream a reality…and still retiring one day.

We help families better understand the complex strategies for saving and paying for college and making higher education more affordable.

We partner with schools, businesses, churches, synagogues and community organizations to conduct several hundred workshops each year. Our interactive workshop, Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College teaches parents the rules of the game when it comes to financial aid, as well as the critical strategies to help them win that game—whether by qualifying for need-based aid or by maximizing cashflow and liquidity.

As you can imagine, the stock market has gone up and it’s gone down. Taxes have gone up and they’ve gone down. Unemployment has increased and then it decreased. But two things have remained constant: every year, approximately 20 million high school students head off to college[1], and since 2000, the cost of tuition and fees at American colleges has more than tripled the rate of inflation[2].

We help the families with whom we work understand the process and incorporate college planning into the broader context of their financial plans—from risk management to investing, estate planning and tax management. By taking a comprehensive view of a family’s finances, we are often able to correct inefficiencies and capture dollars that can be redeployed towards paying for college.

Our approach helps parents reduce their out-of-pocket expenses and balance the challenge (and the stress) of saving for college and retirement simultaneously.

Whether you’d like to schedule a workshop at your school or meet individually with one of our advisors or just find great resources and information about the college process, you’ve come to the right spot.

Through our collective knowledge and the terrific resources we have curated, we hope to be your one-stop

We look forward to working together!