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Successfully exiting your business is all about preparation and timing.  Most business owners are unable to achieve the exit they want because they don't have a targeted growth and exit plan.The reality is that many business owners sell their business for less than they wanted to because of an unplanned external event, such as personal illness, burnout, divorce, or even death.  Less than 5% of business owners will sell their business at the price and terms that they want to, as the seller. 

At Acacia Financial Group, our mission is to change that.

The good news is that you can exit your business on your own terms. Our exit planning service provides you as the business owner with the clarity and insight to grow the valuation of your business  and creating opportunities that can help get you closer to your freedom point before you plan to sell and the plan to execute your business exit.

Unlock The Wealth In Your Company

Exiting your business is a complex process made easier with an Exit Strategy.

As a business owner, you have most likely spent all of your time and resources growing your business. Now is the time to reap your reward.

Step out of the day-to -day because you've designed your business to run without you.

Exit your business on your own terms and timeline, to the party of choice and achieve financial independence you have worked so hard for!

Here's how to start......

Discover What Your Business is Worth

If you are planning to grow, sell, attract investment or retire - you need to know your current market value

Understand Your Exit Options

There are many ways to exit a business.  We'll help you choose the option that matches your business, lifestyle and personal goals.

Increase The Value of Your Company

Do you want to exit in a specific time-frame or reach a desired valuation? We'll give you a game plan to help maximize company value and achieve your goals.

Sell Your Business

If your desired exit option is to sell, we can help take you every step of the way to complete the sale.  Find out how why our difference can help you get your desired outcome.

<strong>1 ------------------------------------------------</strong>DISCOVER

1 ------------------------------------------------DISCOVER

We start by understanding your goals, vision, timing and objectives.  This helps us clarify what's important to you personally and what you get from your business.  This is a critical in developing a successful growth and exit plan.  

<strong>2 --------------------------------</strong>BENCHMARK

2 --------------------------------BENCHMARK

We benchmark your business using an evaluation tool that rates your company against 22 different value drivers.  We'll get a snapshot of where your business is now and what factors may be silently dragging down the value of your company.

<strong>3 ------------------------------------------------</strong>EXECUTE

3 ------------------------------------------------EXECUTE

We develop a business exit strategy to help achieve your desired outcome.  Whether you want to sell, hand the reins to managment or transition your business to the next generation - you need a clear road map designed around accountability, measurement and backed by a team that can help you execute on your end-game.  

Get the best insights on how to scale your business, build company value and position yourself for a successful exit.

Thank you!