Exit Planning

What is possible for your company in a few years?

99% of business owners say that having a transition strategy for their business is important, but a stunning 79% have no written plan.

Using The Value Builder System™,  I help business owners accelerate the valuation growth of their business and create a plan for how to successfully exit their business, including how to plan for their life after the sale. 

In our work together, I will help you achieve the following objectives:

Make Your Company More Valuable Than Your Industry Peers

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Discover Your Company's Hidden Assets

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Spot Your Company's Silent Killers

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Can you answer these Three Pivotal Questions?

  1. Do you understand the value of your business today? 
  2. If you had to transition what would you like to see happen to your business? 
  3. How would you rate the strength of your intangible capital?

Successfully exiting your business is all about preparation and timing. The reality is that many business owners sell their business for less than they wanted to because of an unplanned external event, such as personal illness, burnout, divorce, or even death. Less than 5% of business owners will sell their business at the price and terms that they want to, as the seller. The good news is that you can exit your business on your own terms. Our exit planning service provides you as the business owner with the clarity and insight to grow the valuation of your business before you plan to sell and the plan to execute your business exit.

8 Drivers of Company Value


Start the Conversation

The first step is a Right Fit Conversation. This video or phone conversation allows both you and me to learn more about one another and to assess whether this is the right partnership for growing the valuation of your business and helping you plan for an exit.